Die Geschichte der Firma Lancia

Vincenzo LanciaDie ProduktionSpezialkarosserienSpezialmotorenRennfahrzeugeMilitärfahrzeugeLastkraftwagenDie Patente
Information about the great italian firm Lancia since 1881

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But it is possible to contact this service for requests to following themes:

  • Vincenzo Lancia - Detailed information about the man Vincenzo Lancia
  • The production - Information about the produced models
  • Special bodies - Produced Lancias with special bodies like Boneschi, Loewy...
  • Special engines - Racing engines, engines for research and others
  • Racing cars - The famous racing cars of Lancia
  • Military vehicles - Special produced vehicles for military use
  • Trucks - Trucks and their application
  • The patents - Great ideas of Vincenzo Lancia and the realisation
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